Tammy Gibson Reynolds

Retirement Benefits Analyst

Tammy Gibson Reynolds

Retirement Benefits Analyst

After nine years in the medical field, Tammy Gibson Reynolds was introduced to the financial services and insurance industry more than 25 years ago. She began doing worksite marketing in the public sector industry—networking, training, recruiting, prospecting, and building partnerships with client groups—as public sector area manager for Colonial Supplemental Life Insurance Company.

Tammy became a student of the industry, focused on helping public sector employees as well as their human resources departments. Her leadership, expertise and increasing knowledge in group benefits, voluntary benefits and the financial services sector helped her company expand into an independent brokerage agency in 2006. Offering an EE employee benefits enrollment platform service, Tammy’s firm went from providing enrollment from groups of five to over 200,000.

For part of her career, Tammy was also contracted with a national benefits enrollment company—part of the CNO Financial Group family—for 10 years to do advising and consulting work with their engagement, implementation and field teams. Tammy says, “I have always really enjoyed my career in the insurance and financial service industry. I love feeling and knowing that I have made a difference in employers’ EE lives by being that extension to their HR department.”

“But most of all, I pride myself in protecting family wealth. I am super-excited to protect and secure all of my clients’ wealth for generations,” she says.

Tammy was interviewed about the importance of life insurance for building family security in a book called “Girl, Make Your Money Grow!” which was featured by Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. She was also featured in the Detroiter magazine in an article on conserving family future wealth.

“I’ve always made sure family was first. My youngest daughter just got married and I couldn’t have chosen a better husband if I had chosen him for her myself. My husband and I spend all our free time together, and we still spend a lot of time together with our kids even though they are all grown and moved out with their own homes and families,” she says. The couple also enjoys their bowling league, dance lessons, going to concerts and stealing a few travel days alone together when they can.

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Our process starts with a free benefits consultation that helps us to break down your unique situation and goals. Once we know your goals, we can use our tools, resources and experience to design a plan to give you income for life. We also specialize in education. Federal employees have exclusive benefits, like the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and a pension plan. Unfortunately, far too often, clients walk into our offices without any idea where they stand with their retirement accounts. This happens despite the obligations of the largest employer in the world, the United States government, to provide sufficient financial information. At Federal Employee Benefits Education Services, we fight against the lack of education and create a custom plan that suits your needs.




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