Dave Baker

Founder, Managing Director

Dave Baker

Founder, Managing Director

After many years of working with federal employees, Dave Baker has found that the biggest problem most federal employees face is a lack of quality information about their benefits and how that impacts their finances.

Education is at the heart of what Dave sees as his mission both for his career and for his firm, Federal Employee Benefits Education Services LLC. With the HR departments at federal agencies being understaffed and overloaded, Dave and his team of financial advisors fill in the gaps in helping federal employees understand and fill out the necessary forms to take advantage of their excellent benefits and put themselves in the best possible financial position to achieve the retirement lifestyle they desire.

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Getting Federal Benefits Information

Dave Baker has years of experience working with federal employees of the postal service, IRS, VA, HUD, USDA and other federal agencies. No matter which agency you work for, most federal employees don’t have an easy way to gain a clear understanding about their benefits or how their benefits selections will impact them in the long run. Some turn to regular financial planners, but the average financial advisor just doesn’t have the insight or expertise needed to maximize federal benefits.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with a federal benefits expert and that person was also a fiduciary? A fiduciary is a person that, by law, must tell you what is in your best interest at all times.

Dave Baker and his team can help.

While the Office of Personnel Management requires all federal agencies to accept “the primary responsibility for the delivery of retirement financial education to their employees and for supporting financial literacy,” too often it’s not happening. Each agency must develop a retirement financial education plan that targets employees at a minimum of three career points: new employee, mid-career and pre-retirement”. (5 U.S.C.8350)

We can fill in the gaps when it comes to understanding your benefits at every stage of your career.

Beyond help with your HR benefits selections, we provide a licensed professional to ask about investments and life insurance. So instead of being stuck with nobody to talk to about retirement planning and a whole bunch of “he said, she said” trial and error going on with your benefits, you have us to rely on.

Dave Baker’s Credentials

Dave Baker began working as a licensed financial advisor in 1993, and has been working with federal employees since 2014. He founded Federal Employee Benefits Education Services LLC in 2020. Dave has helped dozens of federal employees at various agencies all over the United States select their benefits and successfully retire.

Dave Baker’s Background

Dave Baker grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University with dual majors in teaching and business. Kalamazoo is a well-rounded, desirable college town halfway between Chicago and Detroit, and it’s not uncommon for people to never leave the area. After graduation, Dave landed several sales and management positions with increasing levels of responsibility and success, but it was at a firm called IDS Financial Services (later to be known as American Express Financial Advisors and then Ameriprise) that he first found his calling as a financial advisor.

IDS provided excellent training and background, but through the years Dave found that he was required to sell proprietary products rather than doing what he thought best for each client. So, he eventually became an entrepreneur, organizing his companies as independent fiduciaries with access to thousands of financial instruments from multiple providers, dedicated to providing advice in each client’s best interest rather than any financial institution’s. He developed a desire to help federal employees and pursued special training and accreditation in the specialty, leading him to form Federal Employee Benefits Education Services LLC, which now has more than 15 advisors.

Dave attributes his success to education and being a “problem-solver” rather than a “salesperson.” Knowledge is key, and teaching federal employees about their options and what benefits selections are in their best interest is his passion.

The youngest of two sons, Dave grew up in a family that demanded scholastic achievement because his parents were both teachers. They were not rich, but Dave had a childhood rich with great memories. During the summers off, the family would sail their 35-foot sailboat up and down the Great Lakes.

Married with twins, Dave still loves to sail in his free time.




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